Work In Progress

January 2013

Here are three demos that we have recorded as part of the process for preparing for a new recording.


The musicians are Mike Tremblay (sax), Mark Rehder (drums), and myself (baliset).


I do not have proper titles for these so any suggestions will be entertained.

Dec 2012

Nov 23 2012

September 2012

 December 2011

“Watching You” was inspired by a “Police” tune.

Watching You

A video of a box on a coveyor belt provided the rhythmic idea for this tune. The harmony and melody were written last summer.

In Transit 


September 2011 

“Across the Sky” was written in the summer of 2011 after watching meteors.

Across the Sky

I had just finished reading Simon Winchester’s “The River At the Centre of the World”, there was a rain storm and “The Passing Rain” flowed out. (summer of 2010).

 The Passing Rain

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